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Setting up a local environment to develop the documentation


You should understand the github structure before attempting this, more info can be found here.

Forking the repo

To start off you will need to create your own fork of the documentation repo to track your changes. To do this go ahead and navigate to this repo. You will need to create a fork of this repo, a tutorial for this can be found here.

Forking all branches


Make sure you do this step correctly or you will have problems later on.

After clicking fork you will be presented with this screen. You can customise the repo name and description however you must make sure to de-select "Copy the main branch only". You need both the main and beta branches to contribute.

Screenshot of creating a fork github page

Disabling github actions

You will want to disable github actions so that nothing goes wrong. You can do that in the settings menu like this:

Settings --> Actions / General --> Disable actions --> save

Deleting gh-pages branch

You wil not need the gh-pages branch so you can delete it like this.

Select the current branch --> View all branches --> Select the delete icon next to the gh-pages branch

Setting up the local branches

Now you will want to navigate to a directory on your pc for HASS.Agent, I will be using HASS.Agent

Now go ahead and create at least one new folder named hass-agent-docs-beta.

Clone the branches to each folder

Open a command prompt in the HASS.agent directory and clone the beta branch of your forked repo into the hass-agent-docs-beta folder. You can use the -b beta flag for this.

Setting up local environment

Docker Required

Docker is required to contribute to the documentation, you can get it here. You will also need the docker engine to be running whenever you want to edit the documentation.

Setup Docker

To setup the local docker environment all you need to do is run the following command:

docker-compose up

This will build and setup the local docker and activate the live reload editing page. You can view this page at localhost:8000.

As long as this page successfully shows the documentation you can continue on to the development lifecycle and editing pages.

Hotfixes on the main branch

If you want to put hotfixes onto the main branch you can repeat the steps from here.