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We need help

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This page is an updated repost of the original one by LAB02Research, you can find the original one here.

Welcome to the Evolving World of HASS.Agent!

If you've noticed "new" versions of HASS.Agent and fresh documentation that aren't in the original HASS.Agent repository or website, don't fret. Unfortunately, the lead developer of HASS.Agent faced challenges that halted further development. But fear not – the community stepped up!

Thanks to the efforts of some dedicated community members, HASS.Agent is not only still operational but has gained some fantastic new features! This "unofficial" version also brings about a fresh documentation update.

However, these changes aren't without their challenges. If you have expertise in any of the following languages, your help would be immensely valuable. Each language section includes a link to relevant tasks that could use your expertise.

Your involvement and contributions mean a lot to us. Thanks for being part of the HASS.Agent community!

Cheers, The HASS.Agent Team

Languages/Ways to help out

  • C# is the main language HASs.Agent uses, it is used to build out all of the client and interface you interact with on your computer.
  • Python is the language used to develop the homeassistant integration that connects to the entities and sensors.
  • Markdown/documentation Markdown is used to develop the documentation, if you haven't heard of it yet it is basically just plain text, very easy to learn.
  • Translating is a very important part of HASS.Agent that we cannot do on our own, it's extremely simple, you read a phrase in english and write the version in your chosen language.

Current Code Maintainers/Developers

You can find a list of the current developers here.